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  • Can you tailor bespoke designs to fit my budget?
    Yes, if you want a bespoke item of jewellery and have a budget in mind then please get in contact. We may be able design something specially or adjust the aspects of a design such as metal, stones type, stone sizes and other details to fit a price point.
  • Can I get a bespoke commission without meeting in person?
    Yes, many of our customers are remote. We can easily discuss designs over the phone, send sketches and ideas via whatsapp or email and post the final piece out to you via a guarenteed delivery service.
  • I have a family heirloom that isn't worth anything but has sentimental value, will you still work with it?"
    Yes, if it means something to you we don't mind what the monitary valuable it is. Just contact us and we can help you understand what might be possible to do with your sentimental item.
  • Do you repair and resize existing items of jewellery?
    Yes! We can repair, resize or remake. We will do our best to help you with any of your jewellery needs, just contact us with the details and we can advise you further.
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